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Millions of tourists visit Lake Constance every year and enjoy everything this area has to offer. The famous "Flower Island MAINAU", is one of the major attractions. Tourists come from all over the world for various reasons.
It's not easy to sum it all up. Lake Constance represents simply a perfect blend of pure nature, well developped infrastructure, history and traditions, sport activities on land and water, and friendliness and culinary delights. Attractions:

Who should visit Lake of Constance

All three countries, Germany, Switzerland and Austria offer everything for the 5 star traveller and the budget traveller alike. If you want to stay on a camping site in your tend or reside in a luxurious suite directly at the lake side. It's up to you to pick what you like. It's all available - First Class Hotels, Budget Hotels, Family Homes, Apartments, Camping sites at the lake site Youth Hostels. There is lots to see and to discover. Very Old city centres with houses more than a thousand years old, well preserved churches, there is history at your finger tipps.
Not to forget about the great shopping. YOu can visit major shopping malls or enter the city centers and browse through small shops to find local, regional and international goods.

The Island Reichenau is awarded as UNESCO World Heritage and stuns us with its historical buildings, churches and beautiful nature.

Lake of Constance

The Lake of Constance (Bodensee) is the third largest lake in Central Europe, after Lake Balaton and Lake Geneva. The German coast line is 173 km long, the Austrian 28 km, and the Swiss coast line 72 km. Interestingly, there is no legally binding agreement as to where the boundaries lie between Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where these three countries meet in Lake Constance (Lake of Konstanz).

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